Which Cheapest Online College meets your Educational Requirements

With today’s busy lifestyle, many people want to further their education but feel as though they do not have time. Online colleges enable people to pursue higher degrees on their own schedule, regardless of whether it is to log in and complete assignments at two in the morning or at four in the afternoon. However, many people feel they can’t afford to take that next step and further their education. Many online colleges, do however, offer very affordable programs. Would you be willing to pursue your education goals if you found the cheapest online college? What are the cheapest online college’s available today?

Online Bible Colleges and Christian Colleges Offer the Cheapest Online College Education

So if you don’t want to break the bank, you can still pursue your dreams of obtaining a higher degree.

The cheapest online colleges are often Bible colleges, which do offer limited degree and certificate programs.  As an example, Hobe Sound Bible College, which is located in Florida, has a cost of $2,250 per year and Kentucky Mountain Bible College in Kentucky charges $5,490 per year.

Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama, boasts a low tuition rate of $7,920 per year. A small Christian university, which has fewer than 800 on campus students, offers a limited number of majors. The university does, however, offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees and even has a school of theology.

Universities with More Programs of Study to help Pursue the Cheapest Online College Education

Colorado Technical University has a $10,095 annual tuition and charges a $50 application fee. The per credit hour cost at Colorado Technical University is $325 for undergraduate programs and $585 per hour for graduate students. An estimate of the average book and supplies cost is not available.

As far a tuition itself goes, Strayer University and Ashford University are very close in cost. Strayer University’s average cost of tuition per year for a full time student is $16,155 while Ashford University’s average cost of tuition for a full time student is $16,270 per year. However, one must consider all expenses in order to determine what is the least expensive option for his or her educational goals. There are fees, books and supplies and other expenses. If you just look at the cost per credit hour of courses, Ashford University charges $390 per hour compared to a $370 per hour fee for Strayer University students.

The Total Breakdown of Expenses for the Cheapest Online Colleges

The average full time student at Strayer University spends $1,350 on books and supplies, and students from some states are required to pay a $50 application fee. Therefore, the average Strayer University full time student would pay $17,555, therefore that would make it the cheapest online college with multiple study programs.

Looking at the average full time Ashford University student, their anticipated cost for books and supplies would be $1,350. Ashford University does not charge an application fee. The financial expense for the average Ashford University full time student would be $17,620, placing second in the regular university cheapest online college division.

Coming in third place for cost  in the cheapest online college category for schools with multiple programs of study would be Everest University.  Everest University has a higher average cost of tuition, which is $17,727 per year for a full time student, or $421 per credit hour, but they do not charge an application fee and they do have an average book and supplies cost that is lower than other schools. The average student at Everest University spends $1,275 per year on books and supplies. Therefore, an average full time student at Everest University would spend $19,002  per year.

Another of the cheapest online college options with high ratings and lower cost is Liberty University. With an average cost of tuition for the full time student at $19,486 per year and the average cost of books and supplies at $1,400, as well as a $40 application fee, the average student can expect to pay $21,520 for their first year’s education.

Students should remember application fees are one time charges, and some schools may charge other fees, such as technology access fees, fees for taking a particular course, or student access fees. Some colleges may require the student to obtain a student identification card, which in turn may also result in additional charges.

Affordable online educational programs are available, and you may decide to opt for the cheapest online college with your preferred program of study.  Good luck in your search for the cheapest online college that best meets your needs.


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